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  WebIO Version 4 - Wireless Sensors, X10 Powerline Control, Expansion Port Relays Inputs

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Wireless Sensors and Remotes

Powerline Modules

WebIO Web Server

WebIO Internet Automation Server v4

The WebIO Server Version 4 is the newest and most powerful version of the WebIO family of Internet automation servers.
V4 integrates wireless sensors with X10 powerline device control and an expasion port for relays and inputs. Includes an internal webserver interface for configuration, control and monitor via your PC or Smartphone/iPhone web browser. V4 also integrates with PC automation and notification software and the optional KEiHome portal website. This is the WebIO to get to integrate/automate/control/monitor just about any device in your home, vacation home or office.

WebIO v4 features:
  • Built in Internet web server
  • X10 powerline or X10 wireless control
  • Wireless security sensors, remotes and general purpose sensing
  • Internal WebIO automation/integration of sensors and X10 devices
  • WebIO PC software for automation and email/sms text message notification
  • Expansion port for 4-relay/4-input board or other future add-ons

WebIO Version 4

WebIO v4.0 User Manual - PDF
  WebIO Version 4 - Architecture

WebIO v4 Architecture

The WebIO Server Version 4 can be the key component of your own Internet home or business automation network by integrating an endless array of sensing and control options using powerline X10, wireless sensors and the WebIO expansion port. All this integration of devices is then made available on the Internet via WebIO's internal web server for your access via computer or cell phone.

WebIO v4 device integration features can be further enhanced using the WebIO PC notification and advanced automation software.

Check out the WebIO v4 system architecture diagram for a high level view of all the networking and integration features and options.

WebIO v4 networking interfaces:
  • WebIO internal embedded Internet web server
  • AC Powerline interface for X10 device control
  • Wireless X10 transmitter for X10 device control
  • Wireless receiver for security sensors, remotes and general purpose sensing
  • Expansion port for hardwire contact control and sensing
  • Ethernet network interface for transmitting sensor events to PC software or KE iHome Internet portal
  Wireless Sensors for WebIO v4

Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors for WebIO version 4 include magnetic entry sensors, three different motion sensors, multiple remote controls, key fob remotes, and a sensor that can be wired for general purpose use for monitoring sump pumps, door bells, or anything that can be wired as an open/close contact.

The wireless remote controls and sensors can be configured in WebIO for automation/control of X10 powerline devices and control of the relay expansion board.

The wireless sensors can trigger email and text message notification when used with WebIO and the included PC automation software.

The wireless sensors are low cost, battery powered and very reliable.

  X10 Modules

X10 Modules

WebIO versions 2, 3 and 4, use the X10 powerline protocol for communicating to X10 modules. There are numerous x10 modules from many manufactures, these modules range from lamp modules to light switches and relays. X10 uses a house/unit code addressing systems with a list of commands such as "on", "off", "dim" and others.

With each X10 module, you assign it a house code (from A-P) and a unit code (from 1-16). Many modules are addressed using a small dial for selecting house and unit code. If two X10 modules have the same address they will both respond to the same powerline message. WebIO (like any other X10 controller) will then send out a house/unit code along with a command (function code) to control a module(s).

  WebIO v4 Webpage Interface

Sensors Webpage

WebIO versions 4 had an all new web page interface designed for faster load times and better layout for the small screens of Cell phones and smartphones.

WebIO v4 web interface includes:
  • Control devices - Easy on/off control or your X10 devices
  • X10 code - advanced control of X10
  • Sensors - Wireless sensors summary, current state and date/time history of sensor states
  • Sensor admin - for registering sensors
  • Automation - configuration of sensor events triggering X10 devices or relays
  • Expansion port - control of 4 relays and states of 4 inputs of expansion board
  • Admin - IP address, passcode and date time
  • Edit Labels - assign names to X10 devices and sensors