WebIO Demo Camera

Note: This camera uses xplug.ocx an ActiveX object and may take a minute to load.

WebIO "Control Labed Devices" web page is embedded in the left HTML frame of this demo web page.
No passcode needed.

WebIO Control of Demo Devices:
  • LED Lamp: select on/off (House=A Unit=1)
  • Night Light: on/off (A2)
  • Color Lights: on/off (A3)
  • Motor: select on will turn on motor for 1.5 seconds (C3)
  • Room Lamp: on/off (E1)
  • Radio: on/off (B3)

    For other WebIO features use the full WebIO web interface, (connecting directly to the Demo WebIO):
    View full WebIO user interface (uses TCP port 8087)
    Other features include:
  • On-Wait-Off toggle
  • Other X10 functions
  • Timer function
  • Temperature
  • Setup and configuration